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Probably the best Fortnite clone on Android which is here to take over the market

ZuoMasterDeveloper - March 13, 2019
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Creative Destruction 2.0.1171reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5/5
Today, let's look just how Fortnite is being 'redone', and whether Fortnite clones are close to the whole fun and entertainment behind Fortnite. Good news is that Fortnite is only available in the beta stage on Android, so the competition even has a chance of surpassing it.

The review is about Creative Destruction, which is often titled as the best Fortnite clone on Android. The game takes up around 2 GB on your phone, which is definitely a lot, but it is well optimized even for mid-range smartphones such as Samsung J6.

It came out in June 2018. The gameplay consists of 100 players skydiving to the ground from a flying taxi, and without any equipment. They have to gather weapons and other equipment, and eliminate other players/teams in order to win.

Teams consist of either one, two or three players. There is also a fun game mode for teams of three called 'Generals', where the mission is to protect the team leader! Crafting is a part of the game, although it doesn't appear to be a vital part as in Fortnite. It's quite simplified and there is only one material. Still, it's easy enough to use, but it grows difficult if a player is actively shooting at you!

There are no pay-to-win elements, as all in-game currencies can be purchased to buy skins, clothes and accessories, which doesn't affect the gameplay at all. The game is fluid and easy to learn, with many different weapons. You can choose to play in first person or third person perspectives and that can be changed at any time!

• A fun game with many fun game modes
• There are no pay-to-win elements
• The game is just as crazy as Fortnite
• It runs well on mid-range devices
• Cartoonish graphics really look well on a mobile screen
• Crafting is not as necessary or useful as in Fortnite


What's new in this version

• Store revamped, monthly sale updated
• Traps and gadgets adjusted

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• Android 4.1+

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